Stained-Glass Windows

“Look at the windows!” First-time visitors are amazed, and long-time members never grow tired of gazing upon the church’s spectacular windows, including seven from the Tiffany Studios made between 1894 and 1927. Virginia Raguin, director of Windows in America, stated in the Stained Glass Census of America that these windows “are among the best to come out of the Tiffany Studios.” The transcript of a 2013  talk on the windows is here.

A Brief Tour of the Windows

Theodore Parker Memorial Window

Jewel medallion window: The Parables of Jesus

The Angel Tiffany window in the chancel at the north end of the sanctuary, officially known as the Theodore Parker Memorial Window, was donated in 1894. It is an example of the naturalistic painted type, in which paint has been fused to the glass.
As you enter the sanctuary from the foyer, the first window on the left is the Dorn Tiffany Window, of the jewel medallion type, depicting the Three Parables of Jesus. This type contains sparkling pieces of colorful glass and is reminiscent of early Gothic stained glass in European churches.

Detail of Bailey triptych

The triptych Bailey Window, often referred to as the Iris Window, was donated to the church in 1927. The words from Psalm 121, “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help,” are found at its base.

Jewel medallion window: Ministry of Music

The window located behind the grand piano is the Ministry of Music window, also a jewel medallion type. It was dedicated in 1921.

Detail of Bartsch Rose Window

The beautiful Rose Window over the choir loft was made by a Boston area stained-glass craftsman, Valentine Bartsch, who donated it to the church.

Seaver Memorial Window

The Seaver Memorial Window by the door next to the pulpit was produced by a Boston area firm, and is a good example of opalescent glass.

Dana Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel: Dana Memorial Window in the parish hall is the oldest stained-glass window in the church, and is of the naturalistic type from Tiffany Studios.