Theodore Parker Church is supported by members, friends, visitors, and occasional grants for specific purposes.  Their gifts – both large and small – support the ongoing work of the congregation and provide funds for maintaining the buildings.

As we celebrate more than 300 years together as a religious community, we remember those who have come before us and are humbled by the knowledge that we are stewards of the congregation for those who will follow in our footsteps.

How You Can Support Theodore Parker Church

  • Learn how to donate to our 2017 Accessibility Campaign to install an accessible restroom in the sanctuary narthex.
  • Unrestricted gifts are very helpful and can be used as best needed for the ongoing annual costs.
  • If you are interested in designating your gift for something more specific, please contact Rev. Anne Bancroft, Standing Committee Chair Beth Bauer, or Treasurer Jennifer Bottomley  about your interest.
  • Mail your check, made payable to Theodore Parker Church, to:  Finance Chair, Theodore Parker Church, P.O. Box 320001, West Roxbury MA, 02132-1947.
  • Contribute gifts of appreciated stock.  Learn more here.

To discuss your bequest or other testamentary gift, contact Anne Forsyth, Finance Chair.