The Rev. Robert W. Haney Library is housed in the front lobby of the church.

Bob served the Theodore Parker Church from 1981 until his retirement in 2001, when he was named Minister Emeritus. He helped shepherd the church through difficult times, from the early 1980s with fewer than 20 people in the pews through the growing years of the 1990s. His erudite and thought-provoking sermons were tremendously important for the growth of the church. “We come for inspiration from Bob, the beauty of the windows, and great camaraderie and food at coffee hour,” a member of the church quipped.

Bob was also a scholar and historian with wide interests. He generously shared his enthusiasms for Japanese history and art, social movements, history, ethics, and religious thought with us. The library he left to us reflects all that and more.

Julie McVay and Mary Russell cataloged and organized the library, with able assistance from librarian Helen Boos. The Standing Committee has approved lending procedures.

Borrowing from the library

The books we have selected for circulation are housed in a bookcase in the front lobby and are now available to borrow. We invite you to peruse the shelves as you enter or leave the sanctuary; or call the office (617-325-4439), Julie McVay or Mary Russell to visit at other times during the week and over the summer. To borrow a book, remove a card from the card file on the bookcase, enter the name of the book, your name and contact information, and file the card after the tab of the month during which you plan to return it. If you need more details, please refer to the instructions for borrowing in the notebook in the library.

See the catalog of library holdings (Excel spreadsheet).