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The Many Gifts You Bring

Last Sunday’s service, highlighting our children and youth and thanking all those who give time and support to their classes and activities, was just great. And, I loved receiving this beautiful chalice poster with lots of our young people’s hand prints and energy! I will find a place to hang it so that we can … Continued

Our “summer reads” choices: W.E.B. DuBois and bell hooks

One often imagines “summer reads” to be a bit light-handed, with engaging, if not demanding, plot lines. Our choice for this summer’s Theodore Parker Church selection is an exception to that rule. And, we’re proposing not one, but TWO books, to be read (if you’re up for it) interactively, i.e., a chapter of one, a … Continued

Summer Changes Ahead

Today’s warmth is a sign of things to come: summer temperatures and bright blue skies. I am so looking forward to more of both! Most of you know that our summer calendar changes at Theodore Parker Church. We have Sunday services from now through June 18, and then shift to Wednesday evening gatherings: every other week … Continued

Racial Justice, the UUA, and Our Congregation

It was Tip O’Neill who left us the maxim, “all politics is local.” He was speaking as a national leader, of course, acknowledging the local impact of federal legislation. Well — that, and also where the votes come from that put legislators in office to begin with! Sometimes the relationship between national endeavors and local … Continued

Growing Season

It’s a busy spring for us at Theodore Parker Church. After years of heart-filled and sustained effort to rebuild and rejuvenate this community, it feels like we are now officially in Grow Mode – not just our numbers (although, yes!) but our energy and outreach, and our forward planning. A colleague recently suggested that growth … Continued

Change, Discomfort, Resilience

The poet John O’Donohue offers this morning blessing: May my mind come alive today To the invisible geography That invites me to new frontiers, To break the dead shell of yesterdays, To risk being disturbed and changed. The question is how much “disturbed” we can tolerate (individually or as organizations) as we experience being “changed.” … Continued

Institutional Racism, the UUA, and Us

As we all learn more about the impact of “a recent hiring decision at the UUA (that) opened an urgent conversation about institutional racism within the UUA” [read more] I have been thinking of the two-sided coin that is crisis and opportunity; and I have been wondering how we, as a member congregation of the … Continued

Understanding the Culture of White Supremacy

We are likely all familiar with the metaphor of change that involves turning the course of a boat. Small boats “come about” fairly easily, though if you have ever sailed one, you may well have found yourself taking on more water than you anticipated as you shouted “helm’s alee!” Big ships, of course, require much … Continued

The Season of Lent

I noticed a colleague’s FB post today questioning the contemporary Unitarian Universalist approach to the season of Lent, the Christian period of time that marks the 40 days prior to Easter. This week included Ash Wednesday, the first day. You may have noticed people with the sign of the cross on their foreheads as I … Continued

The Gift of Snow

We are blanketing with white today. I hope you are each somewhere safe and warm, AND I hope you have a chance to experience the snow. In an essay from a book called A Green Sound, published in 1992 by Skinner  House Books, writer Linda Weltner reflects that “the universe wants to attract us…  After … Continued