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Dwell in possibility

I’m a bit overwhelmed this week. I wonder if any of you can relate? The tasks and expectations of the season blend with this year’s particular challenges, and there is much to juggle. I looked back to some old writing to see if there was anything that felt familiar, and my eye caught the file … Continued

The emotions and energy of Advent are upon us

This month brings such a mix of emotions and energy as we accommodate the shorter days (as best we can) and find our way through the holiday spree, with wild abandon or reserve. We’ll be celebrating new births at our 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Christmas Eve services, so please send me names of the … Continued

Being together in these challenging times

I have missed being here the past two Sunday mornings. It feels like a loss being disconnected from the time that we set aside to spend together, and I’m looking forward to this week’s gathering. Over these past weeks, at least two egregious events have happened in our country – the truck attack in New … Continued

Seeking the holy in its many forms

I’d like to share a story about a young child, perhaps five or so, but not too young to be aware that her best friend was often unwell. “Sam was in the hospital this week,” she might mention, as the candlelight flickered into being. Or, “Sam is better. He came to my house yesterday, and … Continued

Kindness – an antidote to hopelessness

Last Sunday was a special day here, honoring our commitment to the work of racial justice and raising a public statement of affirmation for lives that have too long been devalued. It felt good to be together, thoughtfully sharing in contemplation and song the touchstones in our living, the anchor holds that ground us, that … Continued

The art of raking

“There is an art to raking, a very fine art, one with rhythm in it, and life. On the days that I do it well, the rake wakes up,” writes Linda Hogan in Dwellings. Despite this week’s temperatures, it’s becoming that season again, when nature gives us the chance to uncover old truths as though they … Continued

Water: A Blessing and a Challenge

Weather has dominated the news of late – wet weather. Even as the effects ofHurricane Harvey continue to challenge the southwest, Irma is arriving in the southeast regions. It’s ironic, isn’t it, that water is so much a part of our reconnecting this coming Sunday when it has created such devastation in so many places. … Continued

Love is strong, and it is everywhere

I had the honor of officiating a wedding this summer, a second marriage for both people who discovered each other unexpectedly a few years back. I was present as the bride came down the stairs to join her beloved, and witnessed their expressions of love at a particular moment of anticipation, with friends and family … Continued

Facing our limitations

My phone rang last night, after I had shut off the lights and gone to bed. It was our youngest daughter, out of state, letting me know her car had been hit by a hit-and-run driver; she was in an ambulance on the way to the hospital; she was basically fine (she thought) but clearly … Continued

The Rhythms of Summer

I’ve been especially aware lately of how the rhythms of summer are different from the rest of the year. It’s particularly noticeable around the church, of course, since we don’t gather on Sunday mornings; but, that’s not the only way one feels the differences. Travel times change, and destinations are often distinct to summer plans. … Continued