Finding reverence and joy every day

“It is as impossible to live without reverence as it is without joy.”   Henry Beston

Last Sunday’s guest preacher, Chris Holbein, shared a reading from the writer/naturalist Henry Beston.* The words were taken from Beston’s book, The Outermost House, which is a series of reflections from his Thoreau-like year spent living on Cape Cod. In becoming a bit more familiar with Beston’s work, I discovered the statement above about reverence and joy, how it is as impossible to live without one as the other. I imagine both might come more easily to those who live as close to the natural world as Beston did, but even those of us whose lives are more urban than rural can appreciate his sentiment. There is so much to be startled by, to sit in awe of, to be amazed at, to find joy in. It just means paying attention… choosing to notice. (She said, as if that were easy.)

Our lives are full and easily distracted by cares. My wish for you is that one thing, every day, might pull you up short, take you by surprise and cause you to smile in reverence and joy. And then I would encourage you to share it, so that others might experience it, as well. Just one thing, but every day.

 May it be so!