Love is strong, and it is everywhere

I had the honor of officiating a wedding this summer, a second marriage for both people who discovered each other unexpectedly a few years back. I was present as the bride came down the stairs to join her beloved, and witnessed their expressions of love at a particular moment of anticipation, with friends and family waiting to share their ceremony. I was reminded of the moment this week, the image coming gently to mind: the bride in peach and the groom in a suit just a bit too large, each smiling gently at the other in welcome. It came to my mind’s eye in the midst of so many less inviting images, and I was grateful. It occurred to me that we all might do well to keep a store of these moments to harvest when we need them most – moments that remind us that love is tangible and real, that love has myriad forms and and can come to us when we least expect it. Let’s store them inside, so that when we doubt or are confused or worried that other less savory emotions appear on the rising tide, or that personal or world affairs incline us to despair, we can be reassured. Love is strong, and it is everywhere. I’ve seen it.

I hope you have, too.