The Many Gifts You Bring

Last Sunday’s service, highlighting our children and youth and thanking all those who give time and support to their classes and activities, was just great. And, I loved receiving this beautiful chalice poster with lots of our young people’s hand prints and energy! I will find a place to hang it so that we can all enjoy it, for sure.

The opportunity to thank teachers made me aware of how many other gifts you all bring to this community that we would do well to acknowledge. It takes a village not just to raise a child but to create the environment in which we can all grow and thrive. It includes musicians and finance folks, those who paint and those who pull weeds, those who cook for each other, serve on committees, and/or lend a willing hand in service to the whole. I am so grateful to each and all. 

Our final Sunday morning service for this “church year” will be on Sunday, June 18. I’m looking forward to being joined by our DRE, Amanda Graff, and the Feldman family musicians! Summer services, of course, continue on Wednesday evenings (starting July 5) until we gather again on Sunday, September 10.