Mission Statement

The mission of the TPC children’s RE program is to provide youth with tools, knowledge, and experiences that help them develop a personal theology, a sense of social responsibility, and a joy and wonder for the sacredness and interconnectedness of all life.

We strive to accomplish this through:

  • RE walkStudying our UU heritage and other religions in order to encourage spiritual curiosity, present a range of religious thought and practice, and develop personal beliefs. We help students explore and develop their own spiritual concepts, using UUA curricula, congregational members’ knowledge, workshops, and special projects.
  • Modeling how to put one’s spiritual and ethical beliefs into practice, both by our own example and by teaching about the lives of other exemplary figures. We provide the children with opportunities to practice their beliefs, using activities that are guided by both teachers’ and students’ interests. We seek ways to work with the broader community on social and environmental issues.
  • Celebrating the sacredness and interconnectedness of all life through exploration of our natural world. We discuss connections between our actions and the environment, using examples such as field trips to local farms and conservation areas, working within the church’s land and space, and reviewing our daily habitats. We encourage students to explore the relationships between their spirituality, our environment, and other life on this planet.
  • RE chalkIntegrating our RE program and the larger TPC community to further growth, learning, and inspiration for all members. Practical examples include intergenerational worship in the sanctuary, building increased participation of adult members in children’s events, and developing shared goals, service projects, and celebrations that connect people of all ages. The RE program supports activities that help all our members build lasting relationships with peers and across generations.