The Interconnected Web

Beyond the birds, and the bunnies, and the occasional flock of wild turkeys roaming the streets and holding up traffic, we don’t often have occasion to observe the enormous range of the natural world. I haven’t seen a cow, a deer, or a horse in months! And, yet we are a piece of the whole, together. Some of us have dogs or cats to remind us. At least one family among us has an iguana! This week we had a chance to remember what that connection can mean for us as we welcomed Chris Holbein to the pulpit to share his thoughts on our relationships with all creatures, great and small. Chris serves as the public policy director for Farm Animal Protection at the Humane Society of the United States.  We also blessed the blankets that our children made as their Faith in Action for January. Following the service, our director of religious exploration, Amanda Graff, will be delivering them to Rosie’s Place, where our youth and some adult friends served dinner last Sunday. Winter is often a quiet time; and yet, we are grateful for the joyful community life that abounds at Theodore Parker Church. It sustains us as we manage our days and imagine our futures.