Worship Services

Worship services take place every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. from the Sunday after Labor Day through Father’s Day (the third Sunday of June). Services last approximately one hour, followed by a fellowship hour in the parish hall to which all are cordially invited.

March Services Theme:  Forgiveness

Our theme for the month of March is forgiveness. For many years, Unitarian Universalism has been a bit light on the practice of confession, to self or others. Where does that leave us relative to forgiveness? And, where is it most important to begin?

March 26 – In Defense of Life (Just the Way It Is)

On the final Sunday of our March theme of forgiveness, let’s consider what we mean by apology. As a part of our service, we will also be supporting the National Weekend of Prayer for Transgender Justice. This service will be led by the Rev. Anne Bancroft.

April 2 – Expressions of Joy

We begin a new theme this week for the month of April: JOY! What is it, exactly? And, in our busy lives, how do we engage with it? This service will be led by the Rev. Anne Bancroft.

A note from Rev. Anne: We are continuing our monthly themes this year, adding the construct of a meta-theme to guide our choices: the challenges inherent in change. We’d love to have your feedback on this approach to planning our services. Feel free to contact me directly, or to share your thoughts with one of the members of our Committee on Shared Ministry: Joel Neiditz, Peter Stein, Jessica Basile, and Stan Gross. We are all happy to be open ears for your thoughts.

Sermon Archive

You can sample past sermons, both text and audio, here.