Forgiving the World that Offers No Apology

This service wraps up our meta-theme on “change,” a year of focusing on who and what we will be as individuals and as a faith community given the times we live in: a bit of reflection on the past, the present, and what might be ahead.

Stitching a New Quilt

At a recent picnic gathering of colleagues, a friend brought five or six of her grandmother’s quilts to sit on. Each had a different story, and all were worn with love and service. When, I wondered, is it time to stitch a new quilt? When, in the life of individuals, or congregations, or countries, does … Continued

Together on the Journey

Director of Religious Exploration Amanda Graff and our young people share some of what they have learned this year as well as their thanks and gratitude for the community and congregation that hold them. Listen

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